Got a question for Gaming Zombies?

No problem. 

I've got you covered...


Great question.

Unfortunately, our response might not be so great.

You see, because our gaming logos are already some of the cheapest in the industry...

(especially for the level of quality we provide)'d be unfair to our Zombies to have to design hundreds of samples
for free.

So for that reason:

We don't offer
any free samples.

To anyone.

Not even celebrities.

That being said, we
do offer examples of our past work, here.

(Reason I'm sending you there is because I know those logos will blow your mind, just like I know the gaming logo my Zombies'll design you will, too.)


Another good question. 

Here's the simple answer:

If after receiving your logo you'd like a couple of minor changes made to it, your assigned Zombie will get them fixed for you free of charge.

If, on the other hand, you'd like a major change made...

(for example, to be holding a lightsaber instead of a dog)

...then you'd be required to pay a small one-time fee of just $5. 

Oh, and if, of course, you wanted an entirely new gaming logo, you'd have to submit a separate order,

(Again, all you have to do is answer 4 simple questions, make your small one-time payment, and you will receive your custom gaming logo, without waiting weeks.) 


Besides my team of Zombies “eating your brain” to find out exactly what type of gaming logo you’d like designed, we also offer a complete Stream Package, too. 

This Stream Pack comes complete with:

- 1 Starting Soon Screen
- 1 BRB Screen
- 1 Ending Soon Screen
- 1 Just Chatting Screen
- 1 Header Overlay
- 1 Webcam Overlay
- 14 Alerts
- 1 Stinger Transition
- 15 Panels
- 1 Twitch Banner
- 1 YouTube Banner
- 1 Facebook Banner
- 1 Video Intro
- 1 Animated YouTube End Card
- 6 Social Icons
- 1 Profile Picture 
- 1 Twitch Offline Banner
- 1 YouTube Logo Watermark
- Bonus: Channel Creation Challenge
- Bonus: Commercial Use License
- Bonus: Free One-Day Delivery
- 10 Custom-Themed Emotes*

...all, of course, sporting your gaming logo and colours so you look and feel like a pro gamer by this time tomorrow. 

That way, you won't just have a logo for your channel,
you will have a brand - a real done-for-you gaming brand - that looks as if a team on Madison Avenue designed it. 

Oh, and the best part?

Because our Stream Packs work across FB, YouTube & Twitch, you'll be able to build brands on all three of those platforms
for free

So if you want your ENTIRE channel designed for you by tomorrow, go ahead and
watch this quick 2-minute vid to discover how


Right, first things first:

Our team of Zombies can design pretty much
anything you want.


(Yup, they're really that good.)

So, because of that, my recommendation is
always to tell us what your favorite game is. 

Lemme explain:

Let’s say your favorite game is Call of Duty.

You love it.

It's your go-to game.

You're the best player on the planet.  

The best. 

(Or you like to think you are, like me.)

Either way, all you have to do is head over, 

Enter your email address.

Answer 4 simple questions, making sure to select 'I Don't Know What I Want. Can You Help?' on question #2. 

Then you would simply tell our team of Gaming Zombies something along the lines of:

"My favorite game is Call of Duty! I'm the best!"

From there, you'd make your small one-time payment. 

Then you'd do a little dance (optional). 

Then you'd wake up the next day smiling at the cartoon-call-of-duty-mk47-holding-badass version of you sitting in your inbox.

So, yeah, whatever you need, they can do. 

Click here to get started with yours. 


Good question. 

So your assigned Zombie will always aim to get your logo over to you within the first 24 hours of your purchase.

That being said, it can sometimes take up to 7 days. 

Either way, you'll receive it a
helluva lot quicker than if you were to go to one of our so-called "competitors" (and it'll cost you 1/10th the price).


This can happen from time to time with PayPal. 

Just go ahead and refresh the page and it should work for you. 

If it doesn't, try a different card. 

If that doesn't, try a different browser

And if that doesn't work, let our Zombie Support Team know by shooting over an email to

[email protected]

and they'll get everything straightened out for you.


No problem. 

You can check out a bunch of our past logos here


Aaaannndd here


'Is this a scam?'

'Are Gaming Zombies legit?'

These, my fellow gamer, are questions we get a lot. 

A lot.

A lot. 

And for good reason:

Our prices are ridiculously low for the level of quality we provide.

...and our work is delivered at lightning-fast speeds. 

So such questions are common.

In fact, they're expected.

That's why I created an
entire page dedicated to its answer, here.  


Good question. 

So there are three licenses we offer at Gaming Zombies:

1. The Personal Use License
2. The Ownership Rights License
3. The Commercial Use License

All of which, by the way, are explained in detail at the links provided above.

(You can also view a very quick breakdown of what each of them mean for you, here.)

Real quickly, though:

The Commercial Use License is included with nearly all of our Packages, except our Logo Package. 

Reason being, our Logo Package comes with a Personal Use License. 

This means you can only use it for personal reasons (i.e. you can't use them to make money).  

'By make money, what do you mean?'

Well, if you'd like to use your new gaming logo to

 - build your own gaming brand,
 - sell merch,
 - enter tournaments,
 - get donations,
 - make money from your channel
 - earn cash from social media,
 - and so on

you'd have to upgrade your logo order to VIP Status, which, by the way, includes:

1.Your Logo's Full Commercial Rights:

This is so you can use your new gaming logo to market your channel, sell your own merch, brand your channel, earn (all mentioned above). 

2. Your Logo's Source Files:

So you can make quick edits to your logo on the go, whenever you like.

3. Our Unlimited Revisions Token:

If you need to revise your logo, just save the $5 and upgrade your order to VIP Status.

Then your assigned Zombie will go ahead and work on your logo until you're OVER the moon with it.

4. Priority Support:

This means you'll jump to the front of the queue for ALL of your support requests. 

5. The Weekend Merch Method:

Finally, you will be given premium access to my Weekend Merch Method course, where I will personally walk you through how to:

 - launch your own merch store
 - in a single weekend
 - without spending money on merch
 - without dealing with customers
 - and without shipping any products

So you can focus on what you do best and game.

Want in?

Well, you can get all of this for an extra $49.95.

A tiny price to pay for the potential to build a real gaming brand - your own real gaming brand. 

Anyway, with that said, you'll have the option to
upgrade to VIP Status after ordering your logo, here.)

Have a different question for Gaming Zombies?

No probs. 

Just shoot it over to

[email protected]

and my Support Team will get back to you quicker than you can say, 'HEADSHOT!'

Well, not really, but you get the point.

They're fast, just like our Zombie Design Team are. 

Anyway, have fun gaming!


P.S. Like the look of these (wink wink)?

i love it

"Thank you so much! I love it. Thanks again!  I want to be an official Gaming Zombie ambassador!"

-Calico Zach


"Got the logo and I’m absolutely blown away it’s everything I wanted. Would definitely recommend."