"Are Gaming Zombies legit?"

Honestly, who reads the answers to these things?

Who has the freakin' TIME?

My guess? 

Not you. 

At least, not normally.


Well, because these things always follow the same old BORING how-we-got-started story. 

I mean, it’s just all too… predictable

So I thought I’d switch things up. 

And, instead, talk about YOU.

You… the gamer

You… the husband

You… the wife

You… the student. 

You… the person - guy or gal, black or white, Fortnite player or COD enthusiast - who has that fire-in-the-belly PASSION for gaming. 

You, my fellow gamer, are the reason I - Zak (hello)
- created Gaming Zombies.

You see, I was sick and tired of all the so-called graphic designers out there charging hundreds, if not thousands for their work. 

I mean, I just didn’t think it was... fair.

(Especially because of the struggle I know gamers go through at the beginning of their careers.)

So I decided to build a team...


Zombie Support Leader


Zombie Support


Zombie Support


Zombie Designer


Zombie Designer


Zombie Designer


Zombie Designer


Zombie Designer


Zombie Designer


Zombie Designer


Zombie Designer


Zombie Designer


Zombie Designer


Zombie Designer


Zombie Designer

A team made up solely of Zombies.

Zombies trained to eat your brain. 

Eat your brain to find out exactly what you would like designed for your gaming channel so they can offer you:

That’s it.

Plain and simple. 

(By the way, you can get more details on that on our homepage, here.)

And it's my belief that by doing this we'll help more up and coming gamers kickstart their streaming careers.

Which, in turn, will help make the world a happier place

So that’s our story. 

That's our why. 

But it’s not really about us. 

It’s about you. 

-Zak (Head Gaming Zombie)

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