Listen, imma get straight to the point:

You’re a gamer.


(I mean, you just scrolled down.)

And I’m that random guy you found on the internet (ew, not like that!) who holds the key - yes, I said it, key! - to your prayers.

‘Prayers?’ I hear you say, munching on a bag of Doritos. ‘What prayers?’

Well, gaming prayers, of course. 

See, if you’re looking for

then your ‘gaming prayers’ have just been answered. 


Because that’s ALL my team of Zombies do:

jaw-on-the-floor-eyes-wide-open-oh-my-god graphics, without… wait for it…. the hefty price tag. 

Or the two week wait times. 

Or, well, the do it yourself templates. 

(I mean, seriously, who has the time?)

Now, I’m not gonna go into too much detail as to why we call ourselves Zombies ('cuz I have already done that on my 
Gaming Zombies about page, here

I’m also not gonna go blatantly pitching you our Graphic Design Packages (I mean, this is our first date, after all!).

They are here, though (wink wink):

Need a custom gaming logo designed? Well, my team of Zombies can do one for you for just $14.95. 

Ultimate Gaming Logo


Imagine your brand new gaming logo added to your own custom Twitch Package. Now STOP imagining. It's all yours for just 30 bucks. 

Twitch Gaming Package


One custom banner design. Duplicated across Twitch, Youtube and Facebook. Delivered in 24 hours. For just 20 bucks. 'Nuff said. 

Banner Gaming Package


Listen, if you're serious about iMPROVING the quality of your gaming production, you NEED a video intro and outro. This Package has both. 

Video Gaming Package


Twitch affiliate? Then you have the option to upload your very own custom emotes and sub-badges. Luckily, this Package has both. 

Emote Gaming Package


Your picture transformed into a full-body - yes, fully-body - custom cartoon avatar. Delivered in just 24 hours. For just $39.95. 

Avatar Gaming Package


3 animated screens. 1 bonus stinger transition. Commercial rights included. 24 hours delivery. And all for just 30 bucks.  


Want your own gaming merch? Well, the best place to start is with your own custom t-shirt design. Get yours for just 30 bucks. 


But I am going to tell you this...

If you’re all-in on growing your channel, then just know:

Gaming Zombies are all-in on helping you grow it. 

Need a logo? We’re here. 

Overlay? You got it. 

Panels? No problem. 


Because our mission, our vision, our goal is to help make the world a happier place. 

And I believe we can do that by helping you.

You the streamer. 

You the husband. 

You the wife. 

The dad. 

The mom. 

The sister. 

The brother. 

The son. 

The daughter. 

You the gamer…
kickstart your streaming career

And, in doing so, help you put a smile on the face of anyone who watches you stream.

Which, of course, will help make the world a happier place.






One streamer at time. 

One gamer at a time. 

And, hey, who knows?

Maybe all of that starts with you. 


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