Listen, imma get straight to the point:

You’re a gamer.


(I mean, you just scrolled down.)

And I’m that random guy you found on the internet (ew, not like that!)
who holds the key - yes, I said it, key - to your prayers.

‘Prayers?’ I hear you ask, clutching your controller in your hands. ‘What prayers?’

Well, gaming prayers, of course. 

See, if you’re looking for

a custom gaming logo,

delivered in just 24 hours,

then your ‘gaming prayers’ have just been answered. 


Because that’s ALL my team of Zombies do...

Produce jaw-on-the-floor-eyes-wide-open-oh-my-god gaming logos, without the hefty price tag. 

...or the two week wait times. 

...or the generic-looking do-it-yourself templates. 

I mean, just
 take a look a handful of the channels we've helped launched over the past year thanks to our custom gaming logos:


"Thanks for the gaming logo I gave you guys/girls a brief description to let you make something up and you nailed it thank you!!"

Confused Bot Gaming Zombies Review



"I am absolutely obsessed with my new logo got it down to every detail they knocked it out of the park love love love it highly recommend anyone to use gamingzombies"

Zeroplot Gaming Zombies Review



"The gaming zombies crew did an amazing job, in a timely manner. I love my logo."



"Great service and responded extremely quick when I needed help or had a question or concern."

ItsXSketchyy Gaming Zombies Review



"My logo is AWESOME, I love it !!"

Vixen The Vampyre Gaming Zombies Review

-Vixen The Vampyre


"I came across Gaming Zombies through an ad. I had no expectations. This has turned out great - I love it! Simple and quick process with a fast turnaround at a reasonable price. What more could you ask for?"

Roadz Gaming Zombies Review


Cool, I know. 

But those 6 logos are just scratching the surface. 

See, my team of Zombies have helped launch over 14,305 gaming channels this past year alone... so we know a thing or two about creating logos for gamers. 

If you're like most gamers, though, you're probably thinking:

"This sounds too good to be true..."

But honestly, it's not. 

I mean, it really is as simple as entering your email, here.

Answering 4 quick questions.

Making a small, one-time payment. 

Cracking open a beer (optional). 

Then doing the hard work of lifting your jaw up off the ground when you see your gaming logo just sitting in your inbox the very next day. 

Just like all of these gamers did

And these

And these



Oh, and should you need any minor revisions, your assigned Zombie will, of course, sort them out for you free of charge

Oh, and the best part?

Once we've designed your logo, you'll officially be 'in'.

You will be a 'Gaming Zombie'

Which means you can then get my team of Zombies to use your new logo and its colors to create anything and everything you need for your channel.  

So you don't just get a logo designed, but a brand - a real done-for-you gaming brand  - you can scream from the rooftops about ALL OVER social media. 

A brand you can then use to grow your own channel, build your own following and maybe even use to earn some extra cash (with things like donations and bits). 

Pretty exciting stuff, I know. 

And guess what?

To get started, all you have to do is click the big, purple rectangular button below...