Trying to come up with YouTube gaming video ideas for your channel?

Well, you’re in luck, my fellow gamer.


Because in this post I’m going to share 18 YouTube gaming video ideas ANY gamer can use to:

  • Come up with great content
  • Increase their views
  • Skyrocket their subscribers

So, let’s jump in…

1. A Day in the Life of a YouTube Gamer

Who doesn’t love a YouTube VLOG?

So, why not try to capture that same idea, but with the focus being on your day-to-day YouTube adventure instead of your day-to-day routine?

I mean, it’s YouTube gaming video ideas like these that can help make your audience feel more connected to you.

Feel like they know you.

2. Funny Moments Compilation

Gaming can be hard.

But it can also be pretty darn funny.

So why not spend your next YouTube video gathering the best, goofiest, most embarrassing – yet hilarious – gaming moments you have?

And then compile them all together in a single video so everyone else can laugh along with you?

I mean, it’s video ideas like these that can land you more subscribers and keep them coming back for more.

YouTube Gaming Ideas

3. Quick Tips to Dominate Your Game

Do you have a tip or trick you’ve discovered in your gaming career that seems to always work?

Well, why not share those little nuggets of wisdom with your audience?

Sharing your tips and tricks with others can help them get the upper hand in just about any game.

And that’s always helpful, right?

4. Gaming Walkthroughs

Everyone loves a good walkthrough.

I mean, who doesn’t love being able to sit back and watch someone play through their favorite game from beginning to end?

And that’s what makes doing a video playthrough of a video game such a popular YouTube gaming idea!

Now, just remembe…

If you’re thinking of creating a YouTube walkthrough of your favorite video game, try to capture the authentic essence that made you fall in love with that particular title.

Share your passion for the game.

Share your enthusiasm for it.

5. Top 10 Lists

Top 10 lists are one of my personal favorite YouTube gaming ideas to create.  


Because they are so easy to make!  

And everyone seems to love watching them, which means you’ll have content for MONTHS.

Here are some top 10 lists to consider creating:

  • Most Hated Boss Fights in Gaming
  • Underrated Games You Need to Play
  • Upcoming Games This Year

6. How-To Videos

YouTube is full of how-to videos.

And that’s because everyone loves discovering the best way to do something!

So, why not create a series dedicated to teaching your audience the best ways to get better at their favorite game(s)?

Not only will it help them out… but it might even help your channel grow thanks to all the extra – and repeat – views you’ll be getting.

YouTube Gaming Channel Ideas

7. Live-Streaming

Live-streaming is one of YouTube’s favorite tools for gamers.

And that’s because it allows your audience to see you playing their favorite game all in real time.  

Now, what makes live-streaming so powerful is the fact that you can allow viewers to interact with you while you are doing it.

On top of that, you can also make money from it by using YouTube’s Super Chat feature (which allows viewers to pay to highlight their message in your live feed for everyone to see).

8. Let’s Play Commentary Videos

When creating a commentary playthrough video, the idea is to sit back and watch someone play through their favorite game while you record your commentary for it.

So, why do people love commentary playthrough videos so much?

Well, there are actually a couple reasons…

First, they allow your audience to hear YOUR voice throughout the video, which can be appealing to some viewers who like hearing their favorite YouTubers talk about stuff.  

Second, these videos usually contain humorous elements, which can make them entertaining to watch (obviously!).

9. Game Review Videos

Reviewing video games isn’t an easy task.

I mean, how do you review something that’s supposed to bring fun and entertainment for hours (or even DAYS) on end?

Well, there are actually quite a few ways to go about it…

  • First, you could create an unboxing video.
  • Second, you could review the game based on its different elements (gameplay, story line, graphics, etc.).
  • And thirdly, you could look at the game from your audience’s perspective and see how they would like or dislike it.

YouTube Gaming Content Ideas

10. Cosmetic Review Videos

Much like reviewing a video game, discussing the cosmetic elements of a video game is just as challenging.

But one way to make things a bit easier is by focusing on one element at a time…

  • For instance, you could review everything about a character in a particular video game.
  • Or talk about the different visuals that make up a particular level or world.
  • You could also review certain costumes and accessories found throughout the game.

11. Video Game Dance Videos

Everyone loves a good dance video.

And that’s because it’s always fun to watch someone recreate their favorite moves from their favorite game or TV show, while having a little fun with their friends in the process.

So, why not create a dance video dedicated to your favorite game characters?

Besides helping you boost the popularity of your YouTube channel, it could also lead to some other great opportunities down the road.

12. Fan Art Videos

Fan art videos are a lot of fun for gamers of all ages.

In fact, many people have been able to create some pretty impressive fan art based on their favorite video games!

So, why not give it a shot yourself?

Try creating something of your own and put your spin on things!

Or you could hire someone else to create the artwork for you.

And then run some sort of competition where your viewers draw the same character.

And whoever creates the funniest drawing, wins!

13. Gaming Quizzes

Everyone loves a good trivia game, especially when it involves their favorite video games!

And that’s because they feel like they’re getting smarter while having fun at the same time.

So, why not try your hand at creating some fun trivia games?

You could create a whole series of videos where you quiz your YouTube audience with questions about their favorite video games.

And every episode, you could change up the types of trivia questions you ask to keep things interesting.

The great thing about this YouTube gaming content idea is that your audience will come back to these types of videos over and over when they have friends round (or if they need a drinking game before a night out!).

In conclusion:

Creating different types of YouTube gaming videos is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your niche and to grow your audience at the same time.

It’s also important to remember that you need to be consistent and produce videos on a regular basis if you want your channel to succeed…

So, choose one or two types of gaming videos to produce on a regular basis and work from there.

And as always, have fun gaming!

-The Zombie Writing Team