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Because in it, I’m going to share 23 game video ideas for Roblox, Minecraft and Pokemon that will help you get more views on your YouTube channel.

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Roblox YouTube Video Ideas

1. Roblox Jailbreak Series

Game Video Idea: Have a goal and complete it in X # of episodes.

In your Roblox Jailbreak Series, your goal may be to become the ultimate escape artist and escape from your prison.

Or it could be about getting revenge on those pesky prisoners that keep escaping jail!

Either way, Roblox Jailbreak is a great game series to do as many episodes as you can for because of how popular it is on YouTube.

2. Roblox Roleplay Series

Game Video Idea: Have an ongoing roleplay series where the same character (or different characters) play new adventures each week.

In your Roblox Roleplay Series you could play the same character and gradually evolve their personality as they experience different situations, kind of like a soap opera!

Or you can create new characters every episode where each one has a unique personality that evolves over X # of episodes.

For example, if you play as an elderly woman in episode 1 who is grumpy and hates everything, she could gradually grow into a kind woman who loves everyone and everything.

3. Roblox Build Battle Series

Game Video Idea: Have an ongoing build battle series where you challenge other people to build the best thing ever!

In your Roblox Build Battle Series , you could challenge one of your friends to see who can build the best Roblox creation in 5 minutes.

Or you could challenge a famous Roblox creator and see who they think has the most building skills.

4. Roblox Deathrun Series

Game Video Idea: Play through many different maps and levels by challenging/avoiding obstacles along the way.

Your Roblox Deathrun Series could be part of a story where you’re racing to get ahead of your opponents.

Or it can be an ongoing series where you complete different maps week by week.

Minecraft YouTube Video Ideas

5. Minecraft UHC (Ultra Hardcore) Series

Game Video Idea: Play through many different maps and levels while attempting to survive for X # of minutes.

In your Minecraft UHC Series, you will play a challenging game mode called Ultra Hardcore.

In this mode, players don’t have any health regeneration from potions or from sitting on the ground.

Once you die, you are out of the game!

So it will be an ongoing challenge to complete the entire map before dying.

6. Minecraft Modded Survival Series

Game Video Idea: Create your own private world with a mod pack and play on that world for X # of episodes.

In your Minecraft Modded Survival Series, you could play on a world that has a crazy custom mod pack that’s been put together by you and your friends.

Or you can download pre-made mod packs.

7. Minecraft Adventure Maps Series

Game Video Idea: Play through an adventure map and complete it in X # of episodes.

In your Minecraft Adventure Maps Series, you will play through an amazing custom map created by a game designer.

These maps can be incredibly tough and challenging, so this game series is perfect for players that love the game and want to try something new!

8. Minecraft Mod Reviews Series

Game Video Idea: Review different game mods and see whether others should download them too!

Your Minecraft Mod Reviews Series could be part of a game mod review network that you create with other YouTubers.

Or you can just play game mods in your game series and tell the entire world what you think of them.

Pokemon Video Ideas

9. Pokemon Let’s Play Series

Game Video Idea: Catch, train and battle Pokemon with your friends in a game of the Pokemon TV show.

In your Pokemon Let’s Play Series , you could play through the game like it is on TV.

You can catch new Pokemon, defeat villains and become one of the world’s greatest trainers!

10. Pokemon Custom Maps Series

Game Video Idea: Explore an enormous map made by game designers and create your own custom world!

In your Pokemon Custom Maps Series, you will play through epic game maps that are created by game designers and fans of the game.

Explore different cities and battle epic bosses as you try to become the best Pokemon trainer ever!

11. Pokemon Multiplayer Battles Series

Game Video Idea: Battle other players in Pokemon multiplayer game modes to become the best Pokemon master of all time!

Your Pokemon Multiplayer Battles Series could be part of a game network where you compete with other game creators.

You will play through epic game modes that test your true PVP game skills.

12. Pokemon Top 10 Series

Game Video Idea: Watch YouTubers battle it out to see who is the best Pokemon player on YouTube!

Your Pokemon Top 10 Series could be part of a game show where game creators can compete against one another in game modes that test their true game skills.

You could play game modes like Capture the Flag, King of the Hill and many more!

In conclusion:

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Oh, and as always, have fun gaming!

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