You load up your computer.

Head over to Google.

And type in:

Twitch or YouTube?

160,000,000 results pop up in 0.52 seconds.

So, drumming your fingers on your leather chair, you lean in and begin scrolling through the mound of pop-up infested pages.

Two hours later, you’re still scrolling.


So imma keep this simple for you.

See, unlike Ninja or Shroud or CouRage or… well, you get the point, you don’t need to stay on one streaming platform

You can build huge followings on all of ‘em!

Then, when you get big enough, you can go down the Ninja route and stream exclusively on one platform.

Just a thought.

Anyway, here are the cold-hard facts if you wanna choose one over the other.


(1) Built in 2011
(2) 15 million daily viewers
(3) 72% of all watched live streaming
(4) Easy to find older content
(5) More streamers, more competition


(1) Built in 2005
(2) Millions of gamers
(3) Barry to entry is extremely low
(4) A lot of competition
(5) Potential to make a lot of money

So with that said, Twitch or YouTube?

Or… both?

My answer?

Use both of ‘em.

Either way, make sure you get a CUSTOM gaming logo designed for your channel. 

Fortunately, we’re offering to design yours for just $14.95. 

Want in?