I love ‘em.

Thing is, though, they can either go really good.

Or really bad.

This particular prank went both ways.

Let me explain.

Back in school, Ian, one of my friends, was bragging about his 20-match win streak on FIFA.

So, knowing he was a huge Liverpool fan, in my Beano-like ways, I decided to use this as an opportunity to prank him.

And prank him I did.

I set up a fake online FIFA tournament that ‘gave’ the winner 2 tickets to the Champions League final.

Created an email account.

Then, as the official FIFA governing body, messaged Ian telling him he’d qualified.

An hour after sending that email, I got a call.

‘Zak,’ Ian said, smiling through the phone, ‘I’ve qualified for this FIFA tournament ‘cuz of my unbeaten streak!’

I scrunched my lips together.

‘What? That’s crazy! When does it start?’

‘First match is tonight.’

Now, if this was any other friend, I’d prob’ly feel bad.

But, in this particular case, I didn’t.


Because Ian was just as much of a little sh!t as I was.

Worse, even.

So I let him play all 5 matches.

(Against 5 different friends.)

And win ’em all.


When he came into school the following day, bragging about his epic finale win, I told him the news.

‘Listen,’ I said, smiling and handing him a pair of fake Champions League tickets, ‘I think these are yours.’

He looked at the tickets. Scrunched his face, confused. Then looked back up at me and all the boys huddled around us.

Then he buried his face in his hands.

And everyone burst out laughing.

‘Well done,’ he said, shaking his head. ‘Well done.’

Little did I know, he had a prank in store for me the very next week.

But that’s a story for another day 🙃

In the meantime, though, if you’d like my team of Zombies to design you a custom-drawn gaming logo for just $14.95…