Here’s the thing:

Most gamers wanna take their channel’s to the next level, but they just don’t have the design skills necessary to make it happen.

They’re heading over to YouTube.

Typing in:

‘How to make a gaming logo’

Then spending the next five hours of their lives banging their heads against a plank of wood, staring at the screen as it loads.

I pressed export…why’s isn’t it working!

Then they finally get it done.

Head over to Twitch.

Or YouTube. 

Or Facebook. 

Upload it.

And it’s the wrong size.

Blood rushes from their toes and legs and hands, and shoots up to their face, turning it into a blistering, sun-burnt potato.


And that, right there, is the same rage they experience when they’re one on one with the last player on Fortnite… and lose.

Or when someone scores a last-minute goal on FIFA… and they lose.

Or when they’ve been headshot on Call of Duty… and, you guessed it, they lose.

Nothing, my fellow gamer, is more annoying.

That’s why my Zombies and I only ever want you to experience that blistering rage WHEN (and only when) you’re streaming.

Because, let’s face it, it’s hilarious to watch.

So, you do that, and leave the gaming logos to us, okay?

Which reminds me…

You can still get your CUSTOM-DRAWN gaming logo designed just $14.95.

Want in?