Are you desperate?

The reason I ask is because Theodor seems to think you are.

Who’s Theodor?

Another Gaming Zombie internet troll.

They seem to be swarming in these days.

I guess they’ve got nuthin’ better to do. 

Anyway, Theodor called my horde of gamers the ‘d’ word yesterday.  


Or, to quote him:

[email protected]&k off with this crap and find a business model that doesn’t rely on desperation.”


That hurt, Theodor.

Like, really, really hurt.

So I thought I’d reply to him here:

“Whattup, Theodor.

Thanks for your message.

‘Preciate it.

No one here’s desperate.

They just want cool [email protected] for their channels.


So with that said, if you’d like some cool [email protected] for your channel, starting with, oh I don’t know, a custom gaming logo…